Game Guys review: Jeopardy!

2:53 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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  • 'Jeopardy!', a PS3/Xbox 360 video game from THQ, is based upon the popular TV game show of the same name.

Answer:  This is a surprisingly pleasant new video game from publisher THQ.

Question:  What is Jeopardy!?

Somebody actually did it.  A video game adaptation of a popular television game show has been created and it's not only playable, it's actually enjoyable.  It's the kind of revelation that makes one wonder if the Mayans were on to something...

Featuring more than 5,200 answers-and-questions (remember that 'Jeopardy!' is the Bizarro World's version of a quiz show), the Jeopardy! video game provides players with an experience one can only think is akin to what actual competitors in the television show get.  Without all the pressure of having to be in front of not only a live studio audience, but the rest of America as well.  In the video game, the only people the player needs worry about is himself (and maybe his wife should she be playing against him).  Then again this game supports Xbox LIVE party play; so while you may not be playing in front of the rest of the country, you sure can play against them.

Players of Jeopardy! will find the game has three difficulty settings.  The questions themselves don't seem to differ any in their challenge from setting to setting, but the manner in which they're solved does.  The game's easiest setting provides the correct question in a multiple choice form, which offers an accessible play experience for everybody.  In the medium and hardest settings, questions are literally spelled out by the player with the only difference between the two being the amount of time provided for said questions to be inputted.

To break things up during multiplayer play, the game switches from A&Q gameplay to a casually competitive minigame between rounds.  Acting as the show's commercial breaks, these minigames breed competition amongst the players, but seems a bit out of place compered to the rest of the game; and outside of offering goodie unlock for the game's avatars, offers little more than a chance for temporary bragging rights.

True to the television show, this video game is broken up into three segments:  "Jeopardy", "Double Jeopardy" (where point values are doubled), and "Final Jeopardy".  In fact, most everything about this adaptation is true to the television show -- right down to the graphics, gameplay, and audio.  Not only does this video game utilize the TV show's actual soundtrack, it also uses the voices of Johnny Gilbert and host Alex Trebek.

While it's easy to praise this game for everything it has, its only weaknesses are in what it doesn't have.  THQ whiffed pretty bad with the omission of Kinect integration.  This game truly would be "Better With Kinect", as Microsoft likes to say, as being able to verbally state questions rather than manually inputting them is a huge missed opportunity.

While the gaming crowd at large will probably ignore this title due to its television game show tie-in existence, it is actually worth a bit more respect.  THQ did a very good job in putting this game together and those who enjoy watching 'Jeopardy!' weeknights on News10 should find pleasant enjoyment out its name-sake video game.

Final Game Guys grade: B

(THQ provided a copy of this game for review.)


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