Game Guys review - Inbetween Land

11:27 AM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
  • 'Inbetween Land' for Mac.
  • 'Inbetween Land' for Mac.
  • 'Inbetween Land' for Mac.
  • 'Inbetween Land' for Mac.
  • 'Inbetween Land' for Mac.
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G5 Entertainment brings fans of the point-and-click puzzle genre a new title, but this time centering around a paranormal storyline that doesn't quite engage as it should.

This super short, two-hour long puzzle experience casts gamers into the world of Inbetween Land, where the main character must find her friend Mary who has mysteriously disappeared.  The plot lays around a floating island that has appeared above the city that has curiously beamed a light onto Mary's job site, the town's orphanage. 

Once the main character figures out that Mary's disappearance is connected to the odd beam of light beam, she sets on a quest to find out more.  Along the quest, the character winds up entering the Inbetween Land itself and starts to figure what the heck is actually going on with the disappearance.

Inbetween Land's main gameplay focal point is solving puzzles.   This varies between locating certain objects that are scattered among the map, to putting together puzzles in order to move forward in a room. For the most part, each puzzle is fairly easy, and it really doesn't take much time or effort to solve them.   However, there is a sense of achievement once figuring out how to move forward in the game after solving one of the most complex puzzles. 

It usually goes without saying that many puzzle games have a sort-of repetitious aspect, solving very similar objectives throughout.   For example, the player will find themselves sliding blocks or rotating circles in mini-puzzles that appear way too frequently in the game.  Players will fell a sense of lazy game design, and for that, the game suffers a few notches. 

Inbetween Land also unfortunately has some rather cheesy and over-the-top voice narration that does not help the game's cause one bit.  In a game such as this, G5 probably set to engulf players in the rather unrealistic gameplay.   However, Inbetween Land takes a way too serious and lackluster approach to the voice-overs. 

Aside from the audio portion, the visuals are actually fairly clean and  almost photo-realistic.  As this is a point-and-click game, there isn't too much motion going on, so the graphics are fairly motionless. 

With everything taken into account, Inbetween Land suffers from lazy development, and uninspired gameplay.  Hardcore fans of the genre should definitely stay away, but newcomers looking for a short and casual experience might enjoy this title. 

Inbetween Land is available via the iTunes App Store for $6.99 

Final Game Guys grade: C

(G5 Entertainment supplied this game for review.)


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