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Spirit Hunters Inc. - Fungal vs Fungal gameplay video released

11:18 AM, Oct 25, 2012   |    comments
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"Spirit Hunters Inc." will be initially released in two version: Light & Shadow.
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  • Australian game developer Nnooo has released a new gameplay video from its upcoming DSi/3DS AR game Spirit Hunters Inc showcasing a battle between Nic (a fungal-based spirit) and Lord (another fungal-based spirit).

    Spirit Hunters Inc is an augmented reality role playing game in which the player hunts, battles, and captures spirits which "inhabit" our physical world.  The game uses the camera of the player's Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS to create an augmented reality, merging computer generated spirits with the player's real environment where battles take place.

    The game is expected for release via Nintendo's eShop on November 22nd.


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