Game Guys review - One Piece Pirate Warriors

9:57 AM, Oct 21, 2012   |    comments
  • 'One Piece Pirate Warriors' for PS3.
  • 'One Piece Pirate Warriors' for PS3.
  • 'One Piece Pirate Warriors' for PS3.
  • 'One Piece Pirate Warriors' for PS3.
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Avast ye scaly wags!   It's time to go on an adventure filled with dangerous enemies, new-found companions, and quest for booty.

One Piece Pirate Warriors puts the player in the shoes of Monkey D. Luffy.  For those unfamiliar, the game is based on an anime series and manga of the same name where Luffy and his rag tag team of companions are searching for the ultimate treasure.  Luffy isn't your regular kind of pirate -- he can stretch and change his body like in a very elastic way, due to having eaten the cursed gum gum fruit.

The game has two modes: a main log mode (where the story follows Luffy on his adventures for treasure); and sub log, which is where players can play as other characters.  This takes place during the events of the main log.  Inside the sub log mode, players can also play co-op with friends.

Players familiar with the Dynasty Warriors series will find themselves right at home fighting waves of enemies with intense and ridiculous fighting moves.  Aside from your boss fights, normal combat is pretty routine and players can dispatch foes with their favorite combo or which ever does the most damage.  Cutscenes in between missions aren't really cutscenes, rather a motion comic that talks about stuff that happened in the story but didn't make it into the game.

Even with a inviting bright and vibrant comic style setting, Pirate Warriors doesn't have the longevity to keep you coming back for more.  Quick action time cutscenes are a nice break from the brawler sessions but not by much.  Other charters also share over-the-top fighting moves.  Some of which included summoning giant hands out of the ground (It is based of an anime after all), creating whirlwind storms, and super human strength.

One Piece Pirate Warriors offers some good entertainment for players who are fans and newcomers of the series.  Being the first One Piece game released onto the PS3, I hope that the next installment sees some improvement on a already good idea.

Final Game Guys grade: C

- by Sebastian Marco for The Game Guys on

(Tecmo KOEI provided a copy of this game for review.)


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