Game Guys preview - Medal of Honor Warfighter

10:06 AM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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Video game 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter" from developer Danger Close Games and publisher Electronic Arts.

Two weeks from today, Electronic Arts will release Medal of Honor Warfighter for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC (but not Wii U -- more on that later in this article).  Developed by Danger Close, the game takes inspiration from real-life events over the past few years such as the 2004 train bombing in Madrid and pirate activity in and around Somalia.  Luke Thai, one of the developers on the game, says that taking inspiration from global events that had actually happened adds to the real-life authenticity Warfighter is designed to present.

"We teamed up and worked with more than two dozen operators from the Special Operations community really for the sole purpose of having a truly authentic experience that's inspired by real warriors and real operations and real locations all across the globe," explained Thai.

The game will feature a single player campaign with a variety of multiplayer options available as well.

On the single player front, Warfighter continues the story of the Tier One operatives introduced in the 2010 series reboot Medal of Honor.  Running on DiCE's Frostbyte 2 engine, players will battle through various scenarios and locations.  This includes rescuing hostages in Aby Sayyaf's stronghold in the Philippeans, as well as making an assault upon Al-Shabaab's pirate town on the coast of Somalia.

"It's about Operators," Thai reveals during a one-on-one interview with Game Guy Barry White.  "They're on the hunt for a terrorist network and shut them down."

This terror network is illegally supplying P.E.T.N., a highly-explosive compound, to various organizations around the world.  It's up to the player as a Tier One Operative to shut the network down.  The story isn't only about the operation, however, as Danger Close wants also to give a glimpse of the collateral damages war can take upon the families of main protagonist Preacher and the other Operatives.

"We're not just telling a story about the solders' challenges and trials and tribulations on the battlefield, but also some of the toll that it takes on the solders' lives at home," said the developer.  "[The Operatives] have a job that they need to do, and sometimes that's at odds with their family and their personal  lives."

While the single player campaign focuses around the illegal P.E.T.N. trade, things should open up quite a bit when playing Medal of Honor Warfighter's multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer players will have the opportunity to pick from twelve different Operatives from ten different nations (U.S.A., Canada, Russia, etc.) and can play in skirmishes ranging from the standard sort of FPS multiplayer options and something new called "Fireteams".

Thai explains:  "A Fireteam is a two-man fighting unit that really promotes teamwork and cooperative play with actual tactical benefits such as ammo replenishment, situational awareness, and quicker re-spawns.  It really kicks up the complexity and the nuances of multiplayer to the next level."

Medal of Honor Warfighter for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC won't be released until October 23, but Xbox 360 owners have had access to the game's beta since October 5.  According to Thai, prospective Wii U owners will be left in the barracks.

"The Wii U is a fantastic platform," he told the Game Guys.  "Currently we don't have any announcements or plans for a release on that platform."

The ESRB has rated Medal of Honor Warfighter "M for Mature".


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