Game Guys review - Darksiders 2: Argul's Tomb DLC

4:51 PM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
  • Darksiders II is a PC/PS3/Xbox 360 game from THQ.
  • 'Darksiders 2: Argul's Tomb' DLC
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Argul's Tomb is the first official DLC for Vigil Entertainment's Darksiders 2, which adds an extra few hours of game time and a new set of dungeons to explore.

Entering the world where Darksiders 2 left off, Agul's Tomb launches our character, Death back into action where he must fight off enemies in a third-person shooting level. This time around, Death wields the ever-powerful, Gorehammer, which essentially launches sticky explosive projectiles. After defeating all the enemies after a short amount of time, Death then enters the first of two dungeons in this new quest. 

While not giving much away, these two dungeons aren't necessarily too challenging, as you control your leveled up character from the original story-mode. However, that's not saying there will be some hard fights in Agul's Tomb, it's just few and far between. 

Gameplay aside, the icy-glacial environment in this DLC looks great, and is visually refreshing. Most of the levels are dark and eerie in the Darksiders 2 campaign, so what that being said, I'm sure gamers will enjoy the new aesthetics. 

While this short two-three hour experience is short-lived, Agul's Tomb is a must have for fans of Darksiders 2 who just want more of the same experience. With nothing too challenging in this DLC, the price happens to be right for this $7 revisit of a down-right fun game.

Darksiders 2: Argul's Tomb is downloadable or free with new limited edition version of the game. 

Final Game Guys Score: B-

(THQ provided the DLC and game software for review.)


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