SimCity - Check out early gameplay footage from the game

11:36 AM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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'SimCity' from EA/Maxis.

Electronic Arts is giving gamers an early glimpse at the gameplay of its upcoming Maxis-developed computer game SimCity.

In this gameplay video, Lead Designer Stone Librande takes viewers through one of the many options for city-specialization as he chooses to anchor his growing tourist city with a casino. 

Beyond that, the video also shows the intricate set of tools that allow players to create a custom city.  Like in previous SimCity games, players determine where to lay the roads, how to zone the city, and how to best utilize land.

Big business is just one of the ways to play the game.  The choice is up to the player as to whether to play for population, wealth, or region/world domination. 

SimCity is scheduled to launch for both PC and Mac in February of 2013.


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