Oakland video game museum prepares "The Sound of Games" exhibit

5:23 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (The MADE)
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The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (The MADE) opens its newest exhibit, "The Sound of Games", on Friday, September 7.

The exhibit will feature playable examples of games from Mega Man 2 and Super Metroid to Parappa the Rapper and Vib-Ribbon, both of which were created by Japanese game designer Masaya Matsuura and feature original music-oriented gameplay.

The Sound of Games will also feature playable games on PC, Apple IIGS, and Atari ST.  Throughout the month of September, the MADE will host lectures and events relating to the exhibit, including visits and lectures from famous audio designers.  Dates and names are still being finalized for these supplemental events, and more information will be available soon.

In addition to the playable significant games, the MADE's History of Audio exhibit will also feature the world's only playable copy of Deep Sea, a game played entirely with sound and a joystick.  Deep Sea was created by Robin Arnott, and utilizes a unique headset to create an original gaming soundscape.

"A lot of the work for such an exhibit is simply about making old games run well," said Jason Cutler, Creative Director of the MADE.  "[that's] no small feat considering some of the computers and consoles we're using are over 30 years old."

The Sound of Games will be on display at the MADE until further notice.  The exhibit can be seen on weekends, during regular visitation hours from 12 - 6 Saturdays and Sundays.  Additional weekday and evening hours of operation are event-based.  Visitors should check the calendar on the front page of the MADE's Website.


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