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New strategy computer game announced by Paradox Interactive

9:49 AM, Jul 30, 2012   |    comments
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'Impire' from Paradox Interactive.

A new strategy computer game is on its way as Paradox Interactive has announced the development of Impire, a game of strategy that challenges players to properly assess and allocate the evil within their black hearts.  Taking place within the fictional world of Majesty, players of Impire will be tasked with ruining the lands of Ardania for those fans by reviving the greatest threat the realm has ever known within a dungeon lair of their own design. 

Players run tje Impire by defending against heroes invading a personalized demonic compound while also sending underlings to the surface to wreak chaos among those who call the land near your Impire home.  Utilizing a vast array of minions, deadly traps, and a growing arsenal of wicked spells, players will guide the demon Báal-Abaddon to his rightful place atop the skulls of his mortal foes... just as soon as they can help him escape the body of a pathetic little imp. 

Developed by Cyanide in Montreal, Impire tells the sordid tale of Báal-Abaddon, a once-mighty horror from the Bottomless Pit, who finds himself summoned by the incompetent sorcerer, Oscar van Fairweather, and trapped in the form of a laughable imp.  Using their cunning and an array of devious tricks, players will help the demon lord break free, rebuild his proper hell-spawn body, and construct an impressive dungeon to form the seat of his new kingdom.  Players will have to design, develop, and defend their demonic dungeon from would-be do-gooders in order to expand and triumph. 

This game is slated for release on PC in early 2013.


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