E3 Impressions - Core Blaze

12:37 PM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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Gamania Digital Entertainment's MMORPG 'Core Blaze'.

Ask any gamer and they can probably tell you the basics of any MMORPG:  create a character, pick a class, and level grind for hours on end.  Maybe that's why Gamania Digital Entertainment is working on Core Blaze, a new MMORPG in the works that pays no heed towards character classes nor experience levels.  Blasphemy you say?  Perhaps, but one must do things a little bit differently than the rest in order to stand out in an over-saturated MMO market.

Featuring an open world with NPC-given quests, Core Blaze (as shown during a demo at E3 2012) feels akin to other popular fantasy-genre MMOs such as Guild Wars and World of Warcraft.  That stated, the game is also nothing like those two.

Gameplay-wise, Gamania looks to be making things simpler while giving players more options at the same time.  Combat, which is a core part of Core Blaze, is already pretty fluid and follow the typical click-to-attack formula.  Since there are no classes, however, how combat works from a per-person standpoint will vary depending on how each character is equipped.  Should a character be using a sword-and-shield scheme, the player can expect to use short-ranged attacks while acting defensively with the shield.  Likewise for the three other meta-weapon types of great sword (slow, powerful two-handed attacks), dual blades (quick, chainable light-damage attacks), and bow (ranged attacks).  What's nice is that any character can equip any piece of gear, so players can customize their characters for the task at hand based on what gear they want equipped at any given time.

Core Blaze also has a party system in place.  While players can adventure alone and simply happen upon other players and battles already in progress (and visa-versa), players can also team up with as many as three others to form a party.  Party members share rewards gained through quest fulfillment and combat -- possibly more, though nothing beyond that was shown during the trade show.  One apparent downside, however, is that the game currently only supports text chat.  Voice chat support (at least among party members) would be quite the desirable feature, though odds are those players who would utilize it will probably need to run Skype in the background in order to vocally communicate with others while playing.

The game is being constructed on the Unreal 3 engine and looks rather good, even though there is much work yet to be done between now and its (presumed) 2013 launch.  Noticed bugs during playthrough included discrepancies between where the mouse is pointing and what is actually highlighted on the screen and some tearing, though both were intermittent and uncommon.  A Gamania spokesman did point out that those issues, and any other than may be encountered, were likely because the game as shown was an early build and would be remedied by launch.

Even as an early build being compared against already established games currently available in the market, however, Core Blaze shows a lot of promise and potential.  Should the game become somewhere in the top five or ten of the most popular MMORPGs available during its first post-launch year, it wouldn't come as a complete surprise as Gamania really does seem to have a possible gem on the way.


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