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E3 Impressions - Tomb Raider

9:44 AM, Jun 13, 2012   |    comments
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Square-Enix's 2013 video game 'Tomb Raider'.

When the original Tomb Raider video game bust out onto the scene in 1996, it grew an instant following.  Sixteen years worth of sequels, movies, and comic books later, and Tomb Raider returns to its roots (as it were) with a much-needed franchise reboot set to come out next year.

This reboot takes protagonist Lara Croft on a much grittier and real-feeling adventure.  No longer is she the female equivilant of Indiana Jones with Olympic-caliber gymnastic skills to boot -- rather, she's a young (21 years old) book-smart archeologist who gets thrust into the adventuring life thanks to an in-the-field mishap.

"We've thrust her on this island; she wakes up shipwrecked on a beach in this survival/action game," explains Kyle Peschel, Senior Producer on Tomb Raider.  "She goes on a hero's journey, really.  She starts to learn alot about herself, about the hostile world around her, and about what makes her tick."

The 2013 Tomb Raider is being billed as a sort of coming-of-age tale for Croft, who must learn to use her wits and resourcefulness to survive a hostile world.  By interacting with the world around her, she's able to make camp, hunt, learn archery, and so on.  These are things that would have been all but unheard of in past Tomb Raider titles, yet seem to fit in perfectly here.

While much of this game is still under wraps by developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square-Enix, what has been shown has been rather impressive.  The graphics alone are worth a few accolades, as is the voice acting as shown during the few hands-off sessions either company has provided thus far.  It can be said, though, that the game is being made in a seamless cinematic style, meaning that there is seemingly no jump between what is gameplay and what isn't -- it all flows nicely from one part to the next, and some of what appeared during the demonstration to be a cut scene was actually being played by the demonstrator himself.

"The cinematic aspect of the game is something we're really proud of as a team," Peschel told News10 during E3 2012.  "It's allowing you [the player] to immerse yourself and understand who she is."

She, of course, is the new Lara Croft, and gamers can experience the new Tomb Raider experience beginning on March 5th, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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