Google to warn PC users of looming malicious malware

10:59 AM, May 23, 2012   |    comments
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Google will issue warnings to PC users infected with a type of malware that could completely shut them off from the Internet this summer.

According to a post on Google's official security blog, any PC user carrying the DNSChanger malware will see a warning when visiting a Google page that their computer is infected. It will also provide a link with details on how to remove the software.

As the security blog Krebs on Security points out, this is the same malware that threatens to shut off infected PC users from the Internet after July 9.

According to Krebs, DNSChanger disables antivirus software running on host computers and is often bundled with other, more potent infections.

As the Associated Press reported in April, the FBI corralled computers infected by the malware after hackers took control using an online advertising scam.

Computer owners worried about a potential malware infection can visit the website for the DNSChanger Working Group to detect and fix the problem.

By Brett Molina

USA Today

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