Xbox 360 and Windows 7 ordered removed from Germany

1:23 PM, May 2, 2012   |    comments
Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console.
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According to a German court ruling released Wednesday, Microsoft infringed on a pair of patents held by Motorola Mobility.  As a result, Microsoft has been ordered to remove all unsold Xbox 360 video game consoles and copies of Windows 7 from German retailers (among other affected Microsoft items).

The patent issue revolves around a technology owned by Motorola, a company which Google is in the process fo acquiring for $12.5 billion, which both Windows 7 and Xbox 360 utilize.

In the ruling, the court in Mannheim, Germany, upheld Motorola's complaint about the patent breaches and has declared Microsoft liable for unspecified damages.

Analyst Scott Steinberg of website says it's unknown how the German court's ruling will affect Microsoft down the road.

"Whether the court's ruling will have an lasting long-term effect on Microsoft in terms of direct consumer sales has yet to be determined," he told News10.  "But it may have a telling one in terms of both parties' ultimate terms of settlement."

Earlier this year similar rulings occured within the country, forcing South Korea-based Samsung to stop selling its Galaxy 10.1 tablet within Germany and has had Apple de-activate "push" notifications to some German iOS-device owners.


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