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Game Guys preview - Crysis 3

9:43 AM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
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'Crysis 3' for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The hunted will become the hunter in Crysis 3, the third chapter in Crytek's Crysis video game series.

Utilizing an updated form of Crytek's CryEngine 3 engine, Crysis 3 (as shown during a hands-off demonstration) looks like it will visually blow away its predecessor and will be a graphical giant when it is released in the first half of next year.  Water effects are jaw-dropping and other visuals, such as complicated lens flares, are quite impressive.

Also prospectively impressive is the semi-stealth FPS gameplay that the folks with Crytek and Electronics Arts demonstrated.  Protagonist Prophet returns along with his nanosuit.  Like in the previous games, Prophet can cloak himself to avoid detection while snooping around.  In Crysis 3, however, he will be able to attack while clocked without compromising his position and invisibility thanks to a very low-tech compound bow.  While not nearly as flashy as a semi-automatic or as futuristic as alien technology (which Prophet will now be able to wield), the bow can prove to be a very useful weapon within Crysis 3 by allowing for stealth kills and area effects (depending on the type of arrow used).

Along with the new weapon type is a new setting.  The original Crysis took place in the wilderness and Crysis 2 was all about urban warfare.  Crysis 3, set two decades after the latter title, takes place in what Crytek refers to as an "urban rainforest".  Essentially, this is an area of a major city that had been isolated from the rest of civilization to allow for accelerated plant growth and to contain the alien threat from the previous game.  Contain, by the way, is used very loosely.

This futuristic post-apocalyptic shooter adopts a gameplay philosophy that the developers refer to as "triple-A" tactics.  While triple-a typically refers to the assumed quality of a video game, in this case it stands for the three "A's" of Crysis 3's gameplay: Assess, Adapt, and Attack.

"What that means is you go into a gameplay scenario, you have some peace and quiet and a good vantage point to assess the situation," explained Rasmus Højengaard, Director of Creative Design for Crysis 3.  "Then you adapt to it with your weaponry and your equipment.  Finally, you go into your attack and you hope the entire thing will play out the way that you envisioned it in your head."

Crysis 3 scheduled for release during the springtime of 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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