Game Guys review - Trials Evolution

8:15 PM, Apr 18, 2012   |    comments
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  • 'Trials Evolution' by Red Lynx.
  • 'Trials Evolution' by Red Lynx.
  • 'Trials Evolution' by Red Lynx.
  • 'Trials Evolution' by Red Lynx.
  • 'Trials Evolution' by Red Lynx.

To say that developer Red Lynx's Trials HD is a popular XBLA title would be like saying the Titanic was a big boat.  The problem with extremely popular titles, though, is that they're hard to follow-up.  Red Lynx decided to try anyways with the Ubisoft-published Trials Evolution and would up releasing a game every bit as good as HD -- only bigger.

The Trials series are dirt bike stunt-type video games featuring an interesting and over-exaggerated physics engine.  While many games tend to focus more on characters and graphics than anything else, Trials Evolution's in-game physics proves to be the star of this show.

Players can expect to launch themselves sky-high, go for a loop-the-loop, and nearly mess themselves as they stick an unbelievable landing.....or not.  Even when crashing and the rider turns into nothing more than a rag doll, Trials Evolution is an experience to be had.  This is true from the game's onset and through to the nearly impossible end-game stunt courses.  While the majority of Evolution players will probably be content to stop after crashing for the hundredth time on these nearly impossible late-game tracks, there will still be those who insist that the hundredth-and-one attempt will be the one...or the one after that...or the one after that.

Those who do actually get past all of the game's tracks (or simply had enough punishment) can go back and try to medal-up previous tracks, check out the game's multiplayer, download some new tracks -- some of which are far from traditional for this game (foosball anybody?), or even create one's own.  This amount of extra gameplay pleasant to find in a physical medium video game and is nearly unheard of for a downloadable title; yet here it is and it makes Trials Evolution even that much better.

Not everything about this game is all rainbows and lollipops, though, as there are a bugs when it comes to collision detection.  While 95-percent of the time there will be no issues to be had that aren't user-caused, when things get going too fast or too hard the game sometimes has trouble keeping up with itself.  When this happens, it's an automatic crash for the player (costing a medal at worst) and will sometimes send the driver literally into whatever it is he smacked into.  At least, when it happens, it's good for a laugh.

With Red Lynx's latest Trials game, players will find a nearly perfect mesh of accessibility and difficulty.  Trials Evolution is just that big-grinning "oh sh--" type of video game entertainment that nearly anybody with an Xbox 360 should really check out.

Final Game Guys grade: A-

(Red Lynx provided a copy of this game for review.)


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