Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters hands-on preview

2:56 PM, Mar 13, 2012   |    comments
EA's Battlefield 3
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Recently, Electronic Arts held an event to show off "Close Quarters", which is one of three new themed expansion packs on the horizon for Battlefield 3

Close Quarters brings ten additional weapons to Battlefield 3 that are not currently available, and they have been made with the expansion's maps in mind.  There will also be ten new assignments and five unique dog tags offered.  Four new maps will accompany the pack, but only one map was shown at the event.  In the demonstrated map, Ziba Tower, players will be in a resort styled map that has no vehicles.  Instead, it's infantry battling it out for the high and low ground.  This map is quite balanced with a total of two main floors and a small third floor that overlooks a courtyard filled with tables and umbrellas with a pool in the far back.

Inside the main floors are couches, desks, and shrubbery, which don't provide much cover, especially considering that the walls themselves are constantly shredded like paper due to explosions.  This can make spawning a bit more hectic since there's no safe place to run to.  It also sets a higher pace for battles with no real designated spawning areas.  In normal Battlefield fashion however, it's a huge help communicating with your fellow players to out maneuver the opposition.

Although it's taken a bit of time for DICE to produce the expansion packs, it's clear that they are attempting to put time and effort into them.  This pack and the future ones, "Armored Kill" and "End Game" all seem to have clear, focused gameplay. 

Look for Close Quarters in June on PC and Xbox 360, but one week earlier if you're gaming on a PlayStation 3.

- by Andrea Campton for's Game Guys


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