Catalyst looks to Pritect you from your Kinect

4:33 PM, Feb 20, 2012   |    comments
Pritect is a cover that slides over Kinect's camera and sensors.
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Have you ever had the feeling that your Kinect might be watching your every move?  If you have, then you might be interested in what Catalyst Components has come up with.

Newly launched specifically for Xbox 360's Kinect is the Pritect Sensor Cover.

"The Kinect can see everything when powered on and for most users, has a direct connection to the internet. It's like a giant window into your home, but you can never know who might be looking in. With Pritect, you can now close the blinds," said Paul Harper, inventor of Pritect.

By Microsoft's own admission, the Kinect camera has the potential to record advertising data in any room where it's placed.

The Catalyst-manufactured Pritect, obstructs Kinect's cameras and infra-red sensors, is designed to ensure the privacy and security against potential prying eyes through the device.  Furthermore, it protects optical lenses from dust and debris and does not interfere with voice commands.

Made in the USA, the Pritect carries a price tag of roughtly $15US and can be found at various retail outlets nationwide.


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