Lenovo pitches all-in-one B540 PC for gaming and entertainment

1:13 PM, Feb 6, 2012   |    comments
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While all-in-one PCs aren't exactly high on the wish lists of mainstream PC gamers, Lenovo rep Michael Littler believes his company's IdeaCenter B540 might do the trick.

"Typically, all-in-one PCs aren't that great for gaming," confesses Littler.  "But this one has desktop components, so that means [the B540] has components that would be in a regular tower desktop PC."

That means the processor, hard drive, and other components are geared more towards performance that they would be in most all-in-one desktop PCs.

The system's features include a multi-touch monitor with (optional) 3D capabilities.  It also has swappable picture-in-picture, allowing for NTSC television to run on-screen along with (or instead) of the computer is displaying.  The television is run through standard inputs on the back of the machine and includes a standard RF jack as well as HDMI inputs.  Having this feature allows for the B540 to not only run as a PC but as a high-definition (possibly) 3D display for console gaming as well.  The television feature, like the unit's 3D capabilities, is an option.

Littler believes that Lenovo's B540 all-in-one PC will become available over the Summer of 2012.  He estimates the asking price will be in the ballpark of $700-$800US.


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