Game Guys review - Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Season 3

5:37 AM, Jan 2, 2012   |    comments
  • 'Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Season 3' from Konami.
  • 'Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Season 3' from Konami.
  • 'Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Season 3' from Konami.
  • 'Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Season 3' from Konami.
  • 'Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Season 3' from Konami.
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While Konami's various Karaoke Revolution games don't exactly strike gold (maybe silver from time to time), they have consistently been at least satisfying.  The same cannot quite be said about Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Season 3 as the third time definitely was not the charm for this franchise spin-off.

As is core to any karaoke game, a great track list is key.  KRGS3 takes thirty-five songs from the third season of the popular FOX television show and lets Gleeks nationwide be a part of Mr. Schuester's flock.  Players will find themselves belting out well-known modern hits like Justin Bieber's 'Somebody To Love', classics like Elton John's 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart', and even the cult Broadway hit 'Time Warp'.  Unfortunately, the game also has a number of songs (ie: Michael Bubl√©'s 'Sway') that only the most dedicated of GLEE fans might recognize from the show.  Of course, being a Wii title, the possibility of DLC to expand upon the game's on-disk library is almost an impossibility.

The technology that KRGS3 utilizes to score its vocal performers is through pitch recognition and, for the most part, it works just fine.  There were a number of times when the game simply loses the singer's voice, causing the pitch indicator to go all over the place -- even on sustained notes.  This disrupts any sort of streak the player has achieved and adversely affects the performance's score.  This has been a problem with past Karaoke Revolution titles and it's quite disappointing that Konami hasn't improved upon it.

KRGS3 also seems to suffer from a lack of innovation.  Nothing really stands out as "new and improved" with this third edition of the GLEE KR titles.  The GLEE moniker alone will probably help this game sell like hotcakes as far as these type of games go, but if Konami wants to continue good sales numbers, they should look into what they can improve and expand upon in its tired Karaoke Revolution franchise.

Final Game Guys grade: C

(Konami provided a copy of this game for review.)


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