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Game Guys preview: All Zombies Must Die

10:35 PM, Aug 16, 2011   |    comments
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All Zombies Must Die! from Doublefine.
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Were game developer Doublesix to have its way, all zombies would be dead.  Come to think of it, they are having their way -- otherwise, why would they be publishing a game called All Zombies Must Die?

Why must they die?  Well, because zombies ate my neighbors.  Okay, so that reference might be a little obscure for gamers born after 1992.  It doesn't matter, though, since Doublesix had no part in making that SNES/Genesis classic.

All Zombies Must Die follows Jack, a gamer who swears he's in a zombie-killing video game, his ex-girlfriend who dumped him because he spends too much time playing video games, a scientist named Brian, and an alien named Luxo.  Luxo is the only character that doesn't speak English in the game, but there are sidequests in which he is able to learn the language.

"Luxo's side quests are all about him learning English," comments the game's lead designer Dave Dow. "His first quest is to do with finding him some alphabet blocks, then you find him some comic books, and lastly you've gotta find him a DVD of 'The Big Lebowski'."

The game is being made in the style of a top-down dual-stick shooter, but not all of the game's weaponry is ranged.  In addition to various guns are melee weapons like samurai swords and whatnot.  Also, the game's weapons can be altered through the game's crafting system.  The crafting system is one of the game's few RPG-type elements.

"You could combine the shotgun with the sonic power-up in which the shotgun can then be used to stun everything it hits," explains Dow.

Other possibilities include crafting firewood with a weapon to create a fire-based armament or being able to irradiate enemies with a radiation-based one.

While the game can be played and enjoyed single-player, the game supports as many as four total players in local-only play.  There is no online multiplayer support for All Zombies Must Die, and it turns out that the dev team actually likes it that way.

"I'm glad that we did that because it enables us to have a game...where you can be to grab that XP pickup you can shoot one of your mates so, you know, he doesn't get it before you, or he doesn't spend the credits to level his guy up or change his class and so on and so forth," Dow said.

Gamers who are waiting to see All Zombies Must Die show up on their favorite retailers' shelves will be waiting quite a long time, though, since the game is digital download only.  Doublesix's focus is making download-only games, but interested gamers will be able to find the game on PSN, XBLA, and Steam when it releases later this year.

- Game Guy Barry White


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