A look at the Pirates & Nobles expansion for The Sims Medieval

9:25 PM, Aug 6, 2011   |    comments
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The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles
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Set for release on August 30th is Pirates & Nobles, the first-ever expansion pack (called an 'Adventure Pack' by Electronic Arts) for The Sims Medieval.  Developers Matthew Salazar and Eric Holmberg-Weidler sat down with Game Guy Barry White recently and chatted about the upcoming expansion pack.

"We did a lot of interviewing with people and tried to find out what they were really interested in," explained Holmberg-Weidler, "And a lot of people thought that pirates sounded kinda cool...and the nobles theme kind of goes with that."

The game finds the player's kingdom caught in the middle of two warring ones.  Whereas the core Medieval game is a non-coherent collection of quests, Pirates & Nobles' quests follow an overall story arc.  The expansion's three different endings depend on what quests are ultimately undertaken and the outcome of those quests.

"As you play these quests, it sort of affects your standing and the relationships with the pirates and nobles.  So, you might get more pirates hanging out in your town or more nobles hanging out in your town," said Salazar.

The quests themselves can also add new things in the player's kingdom.

With Pirates & Nobles comes a handful of new items.  The most noteworthy of which are a collection of avians (parrots for pirates and falcons for nobles) and interrogation/torture chairs.  The birds can be used for socializing, tormenting other sims, and finding treasures.  And for the more sadistic Sims gamers, the torture chairs is used for breaking sims into giving you the information you seek by tickling them with a feather, splashing water in their face, and even tossing a dire chinchilla in their lap.

"We managed to pull it off and we think it ends up being really neat," commented Salazar.

- Game Guy Barry White bcwhite@news10.net


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