E3 Impressions: Kirby Mass Attack

4:58 PM, Jul 6, 2011   |    comments
  • Kirby Mass Attack
  • Kirby Mass Attack
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While I was leaving the Kirby Wii unit, one attendee handed me a DS with another Kirby title loaded on it. It was called Kirby DS at the time, and all the text was in Japanese; apparently in North America, it's going to be called Kirby Mass Attack. Being a big Kirby fan, and someone with rudimentary competency in Japanese, I decided to give it a try, and ended up playing the strangest Kirby title I've ever tried (and that includes Canvas Curse).

I started out in an environment that felt a little like an overgrown vegetable garden. Kirby wasn't controlled with the buttons, but entirely with stylus direction; I could tap to send him to one place, or flick to fling him away. I navigated my way through the stage, collecting vegetables that were either lying around or that came from destroyed obstacles. Once I had eaten enough vegetables, however, an odd thing happened: I generated another Kirby. Now I was controlling both of them with the stylus, flicking or signaling them where I liked. As I played through the demo, I ended up eating enough vegetables to create a full ten Kirbys.

If ten Kirbys sounds like too much to handle, it turns out that having all those characters is necessary to overcome some of the challenges in your way. You'll have enemies to beat up, plants to uproot, etc., which can either result in more vegetables or new passageways. It gets pretty ridiculous to watch on screen, but it's entertaining as well, in a rather strange way. The level I played wasn't long enough to get a great idea of how the overall gameplay is, just how the game is controlled and its main mechanic. If it's done in a clever manner akin to Canvas Curse, however, I can see myself having a lot of fun with this confusing Kirby platformer. The game is scheduled for release on September 19.

- Jim Avery for news10.net


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