ISOTX's Iron Grip: Marauders receives patch

12:59 PM, May 5, 2011   |    comments
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Game developer ISOTX has completed its latest patch for the strategy browser-based game Iron Grip: Marauders. The enhancements, dubbed the "Boss Smash Patch" by the developers, include fundamental changes to gameplay, the introduction of day and night cycles, new units and an avatar creator.

With the implimentation of the patch, AI bosses will randomly assault players' bases and will keep attacking until the gamer either surrenders, bribes or manages to defeat him. Fortunately, players can also ask their friends for help taking down the AI boss.

Also, with the introduction of the cooperative boss smash, the possibility to personally defend bases against AI attacks is now in-game. The option for gamers to attack bases of other players has temporarily been disabled. This does not mean that the feature to attack bases has disappeared entirely; the option to fight AI bases still remains, and has even been extended.

"We noticed that gamers' bases were easily captured, because the AI defending these bases was not strong enough to withstand attacks from other players," explained Vincent van Geel, Chief Development Officer at ISOTX. "As a result, it was not very beneficial for gamers to invest in their bases. With the introduction of defensive gameplay, we are now changing this. But don't worry; we are working very hard on a more balanced system in order to reinstate PvP battles in the near future."

Iron Grip: Marauders is a free-to-play game.

- Game Guy Barry White


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