News10 Internship Overview

News10 offers college students an opportunity to spend a semester working with broadcasting professionals in the 20th-largest television market in the United States. The Internship Program in not a vocational education class. Meaning, it is not designed to teach students a set of skills. This internship gives the student the chance to get away from the textbook and into a television station, so (s)he can better assess broadcasting as a possible career.

During a semester, an intern learns about their chosen department within a TV station, and how this department works in conjunction with other departments to get all types of programming on the air. The goal of News10 is to help its interns evaluate broadcasting as a career and aid students in deciding what department or position would best match their interests and skills.

Internships may be available in the following departments: News, Promotion, Engineering/Production, Art or Sales. There are only 5 - 7 spots open per semester and the applicant must be a Junior or Senior in college. During some semesters internships may not be available in all the listed departments, due to the limited number of spots we have. News10 requires students to participate a minimum of ten (10) hours and a maximum of twenty (20) hours a week. The hours or shifts the student will be assigned to, will be determined by the department to which the intern is assigned.

The News10 internship is a non-paid program for which interns will earn school credits only. Students should not be utilized to replace or displace regular employees. It should also be understood that acceptance into the News10 Intern Program does not necessarily entitle the student to a job placement at the conclusion of the training period.

Before an individual is able to participate in the program, a school official must sign an Intern Agreement Form. We have to be strict due to our insurance liability. We can only take students that are covered by the schools' intern program, which must include Workers' Compensation insurance. (Please check with your school's Internship Coordinator to determine whether your school covers students with Workers' Comp. Insurance while they are off campus).

Interviews are conducted the third or forth week of August for the fall term, between December & January for the spring term and between April and May for the summer term.

News10 attempts to run an internship program that is flexible enough to offer students the best experience possible. We must ask students to adhere to their set schedules, be punctual and professional in both appearance and performance. Students who approach an internship in this manner will find they will receive the most help from our staff and the best learning opportunity we have to offer them.