News10 FAQs

Q: How do I contact News10?

A: Click here for mailing address, e-mail and phone contact numbers for News10.

Q: What is the best way to submit a news story to News10?

A: You have two ways to submit a story idea: e-mail us at, or go to, click on the SendIt tool and send us your story that way.

Q: Who decides what news is for the day?

A: A group decision by journalists in the Information Center. We hold at 3 editorial discussions every day, and continue to evaluate our decisions throughout the day. We welcome your feedback ? email us at

Q: How do I get a taped copy of a News10 story?

A: We don't make copies at News10, but we refer our viewers to a professional clip service that retains our copyright. Contact Newstrak at or 916-647-3883. Be aware, however, that this company will charge for their service.

If the video is in regards to a legal matter, please e-mail our News Director, Jerome Parra at

Q: How do I reach ABC, Good Morning America, The View and other ABC shows?

A: ABC Audience Information Department (818) 460-7477
ABC News Customer Support Center (800) 505-6139
You may also send an email by visiting and going to their Contact Us page. For your convenience, here is a link to that page:

Q: How do I get tickets to an ABC show?

A: Go to ABC's website for show information.

Q: Questions about Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Inside Edition:

A: Jeopardy:
Wheel of Fortune:
Inside Edition:
Or call: CBS Television Distribution (310) 264-3300

Q: Questions about The Nate Berkus Show:

A: Go to their website,

Q: Questions about The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

A: Go to their website,

Q: Where can I get job information for News10?

A: Click here or on our website, click on the tab "About Us" and then click on Jobs.

Q: How do I submit a segment idea for Sac & Co.?

A: Contact Executive Producer Cynthia Butler at or 916-321-3289 for consideration.

Q: Are station tours available?

A: Yes. Click here or on our website, click on the tab "Community" and then click on "Station Tours and Public Appearances"

Q: Can I advertise on News10?

A: Absolutely! Click here or our website, click on the tab "About Us" and click on "Advertise With Us".

Q: How do I request a News10 personality for an event?

A: If you're planning an upcoming event and would like to request an appearance by a News10 personality, click here or go to our main page and under the "community" tab, click on "Public Appearances" and submit the form.

Q: How do I promote an upcoming event on your station?

A: You can now go directly to our website and post your own event. Just log on to, go to the icon at the top right of the homepage that says COMMUNITY, click on News10 Community Calendar, then Add your own event and follow the directions.

Please note that within the Event Date(s) & Time(s) category, the End date means the end of the first day and time of the event. For events that run more than one day, you then have the option of checking either the RECURRING EVENTS box or ADD ANOTHER DATE box for continued days. Also, make sure you use the correct AM & PM accordingly.