Brown greets, muses with Chinese officials

8:50 PM, Apr 15, 2013   |    comments
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SHENZHEN, CHINA -- Gov. Jerry Brown's final diplomatic meet and greet in China was so full of philosophical musings that his host declared that Brown is "like a university professor."

The governor and his small entourage traveled Tuesday by electric cars from Guangzhou to this large manufacturing city, the final destination in an eight day trade and investment mission. The business leaders that comprised the official delegation departed for California earlier in the morning.

Brown has a penchant for elaborate narratives and observations, one largely held in during his China journey but back in full form in the formal sitting room at Shenzhen's communist party headquarters.

Many of the themes were centered around environmental issues, no doubt on Brown's mind after Monday's signed agreements with Chinese officials and with his final scheduled stop at the factory of BYD (Build Your Dreams) Cars.

Pointing to the chair of the California Energy Commission, Robert Weisenmiller, the governor pointed out that the environmental scientist had worked for his administration in the 1970s.

"I like to recycle people," said Brown. "Like myself. I'm a recycled governor."

He went on to praise electric cars like the one he was riding in that morning.

"When the day comes when we only have electric cars, things will be quieter," said the governor. "That's good for the spirit."


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