Podcast: Mysterious Ways

8:06 PM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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Most, but not all, of California's political money mystery of 2012 ended this week in a nondescript office building in downtown Sacramento.

It's quite a story.

This week's Capitol Connection podcast offers a post-mortem, of sorts, on the case that ended with a whopping $16 million in penalties and fines assessed by the state's campaign finance watchdog agency.

How did the shuffle of political cash come to be? What's the larger lesson and political impact? Those are some of the questions that Anthony York of the Los Angeles Times and I ponder in our weekly chat.

(We discuss whether there are any locations to view the massive amount of files released by the FPPC.  One document seems to be here, but I'll keep searching... or start posting some of my own.)

And we end with a brief observation or two on a smaller event this week that focused on the 2016 election cycle: gun control, legislative recall efforts, and the race for governor.

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